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Our Approach to Quality

Our ISO 9001:2008 (without design) quality management system is driven by the fundamental values that make up our 3-part quality approach.
  1. Quality at the source – we train our employees on the quality specifications and create tools for them to inspect their own quality, as it’s processed.
  2. Leadership – we enable and empower our line leads and group leads to own the quality in their production areas. We provide tools for them to track and inspect the production, as it's processed.
  3. Assurance – our quality inspection methods check all aspects of the quality process, not just finished product quality. We also inspect attribute testing, in-process checklists and the tools used by operators and line leads.

Our Quality Policy

Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana and its Commercial Services Division are committed to the continual development and strengthening of our community. We will endeavor to provide the highest-quality products and services that meet the requirements of our customers. We are committed to complying with ISO 9001:2008 (without design) requirements and the implementation of the principle of continual improvement. The Management Review process will ensure the review and determination of the suitability of our quality policies and objectives.